Travel Welfare delivers a revolutionary digital compensation and payments platform to the global travel market. We replace outdated physical payment methods such as cash, cheques, LRV’s, vouchers and bank transfers with a secure, reconciled, on-demand Payments Platform with applications for compensation, welfare, tour operation, station or crisis, staff per diems and expenses.

As a pioneer in the digitalisation of airline pay-outs since we issued the world’s first digital LRV voucher in 2013, we are passionate about helping our clients deliver  immediate and genuine solutions that enhance brand reputation, align with customer expectations and drive operational efficiencies.

Whether its flight delays, baggage mishandling, denied boarding, station, staff or crisis funds we enable you to handle payments when, how and where you want; giving you full control over disruption, crisis, refund or operational disbursement costs. With a Digital Payments Platform and Managed Application Services that deliver instant digitised pay-outs;  we make it  easy for you to issue, manage, control, settle and reconcile payments on-the-go; in the air, on land or at sea.

Instant Issuing

Transparent Accounting

Multiple Use Cases

Improved Operational Efficiency

Management Control & Information

Disruption Cost Management

Instant Problem Resolution

Improved Customer Experience

Automatic Regulatory Compliance  (US DoT, EC 261/2004)

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Our long-standing partnerships with blue-chip clients is testament to our dedicated passion to deliver solutions that are a win/win/win for all; travel companies, transport hub operators, retailers, partners and crucially; end customers.

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Welfare Loaded
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Our immense knowledge of travel operations and customer services places us in a unique position to design and deliver solutions that genuinely deliver on client needs. The travel industry has a unique set of challenges from rising costs to increasing competition and regulation to changing customer expectations.  Multiple countries, languages, customer preferences and localised payment regulations complicate the landscape further.

We simplify it.

A Digital Payments Platform with Plug and Play Applications for your many payment needs.

A Managed Service with 24/7 support so you can focus on your core business.

 We continue to innovate, develop and partner so we can offer you solutions that deliver a digitalised seamless experience for your operations and customers.

Airlines & Handling Agents

Compensation, Welfare

Control Costs

Reduce Fraud

Improve Customer Experience

Comply with Regulation

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Trains, Tours & Cruises

Emergency, Compensation, Operational

Reduce Fraud

Reduce Currency Conversion Charges

Reduce Cash Risks

Improve Customer Experience

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Airports & Other Travel

Expenses, Refunds & Operational

Go Cashless and Digital

Manage Crisis

Manage and Control Costs

Issue Funds Immediately

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The Compensation application and service replaces outdated methods of issuing compensation through BACS, bank transfer, vouchers and cheques and replaces it with a Mastercard approved pre-paid card usable globally and valid for 6 months. The Payments Platform is administered by the Client; giving them full control over the amount of compensation, how much and where compensation is paid and used. Staff can load the card with up to £10,000 (or currency equivalent) and issue it directly to customers within minutes, either from Head Office or directly at the point of problem such as in airports or in resort. Every card is accounted for by its unique number; providing a full audit trail of issuance and transactional spend data.

This solution eliminates the need for the lengthy claims process which is operationally inefficient, leaves passengers dissatisfied and airlines exposed to regulatory non-compliance. Our Compensation application is unique in the market as it has been designed to deliver not just payments but operational management information and policies.

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The Welfare Service replaces the existing, outdated manual process of issuing paper Light Refreshment Vouchers (LRVs) with VISA approved prepaid magnetic stripe cards. In the event of a delay, staff simply login to the Welfare Service in our Client Portal and request the Platform to instantly load and issue the required number of Welfare cards which are kept on location.  The cards work at every VISA retailer and just like using a gift card; can be used for multiple purchases and across multiple retailers until the balance is spent. Every card is accounted for by its unique reference number; with control over the time periods the cards can be activated and deactivated, which merchant categories to restrict usage to,  as well as providing a full audit trail of issuance and spend, reducing fraud and giving a full picture of the cost of each disruption. Cards can be re-loaded with additional funds at the press of a button in the event of subsequent delay. Competitor solutions use vouchers or barcodes which cannot be split or have 100% global acceptance – others use a basic card payment platform that is not customized for purpose. This makes our welfare solution the most passenger, retail and airline friendly solution in the market.

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Omnio Global is a leading Banking Platform as a Service (BPaas) provider that supports its global clients with digital account functionality in banking, web, mobile, pre-paid card management,  loyalty programmes and customer support centres. They are Principle Members of VISA and MasterCard and process in excess of €1bn.

Wirecard is a leading global full service electronic payment and financial services provider regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. With transaction volumes in excess of EUR 91 billion, they are one of the leading processors in Europe and preferred suppliers to VISA and MasterCard.

BEP is a niche software house specialising in web based and mobile application development and integration for financial service companies. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Azure hosting with an offshore technical team and 24/7 capability.


❝ The Travel Welfare system allows us to communicate and deal swiftly with our customers, giving them a greater choice, while providing us total spend awareness and full transparency on costs❞

Gill Lucas, Disruption Manager , Easyjet

❝Thomas Cook Management and the handling agents were very impressed as it is less hassle for them and allows us to communicate with customers very quickly❞

Stephen Murphy - Head of Irregular Operations, Condor/Thomas Cook

❝Travel Welfare is simple and quick for passengers to use, making it easy for our teams to help guests whose flights have been cancelled or delayed, and aligned with our existing payment systems, reducing the workload required to reconcile payments in-store and for our Finance Team❞

Zoe Crimmings, Business Support Manager / PA to Managing Director, The Restaurant Group

❝The Travel Welfare cards streamline the payment and audit process when there are delays at the Airport. It makes it much less complicated for both our passengers and restaurant operators to manage in times of disruption, the value of which cannot be underestimated❞

Toby Tait, Business Development Manager-Catering, Your London Airport; Gatwick

❝It’s fantastic to see how, with our help, Travel Welfare’s solutions for global airlines have gone from strength to strength, from paper vouchers to the latest Chip and PIN cards. Travel disruption is a  fact of life, but this new solution means travellers will have more comfort and convenience which will go a long way to enhance customer service and help brands thrive in a competitive market.❞

Ian Clowes, Founder PCT & former CEO, Omnio Group

❝It’s important that passengers receive timely care, assistance and compensation during disruption to make the experience as smooth as possible. The Travel Welfare payments platform has allowed us to satisfy United States Dept Of Transport regulations as well as greatly enhance the service we offer our customers.❞

Hildur María Haarde, Project Manager, Wow Air

❝We would love to see all airlines adopt this system. Our tills are no longer clogged up with paper vouchers.❞

Pret A Manger

When you are frustrated and tired small things become important. The Travel Welfare card at least made me feel someone had thought about my experience too.

S. Keenan Smith, Passenger